Welcome in le Domaine des Rochelles


The "Domaine des Rochelles" is located in the Loire Valley, more precisely at St Jean des Mauvrets in the vineyards of Anjou.


The family LEBRETON operates this area since the 19th century. It is currently headed by Jean-Yves Lebreton, the 4th generation, with his wife Anita, and joined since their son Jean-Hubert and his wife Christelle.


Sixty hectares located in the areas of name Anjou-Villages-Brissac and Coteaux de l'Aubance. A team of seven employees, three part-time and twenty seasonal.


They share the same motivation and hopes ….

 The family is dedicated to working in close harmony with the special 'terroir » (blue slate, clayey schistous, friable schist it depends the parcel) which encourage early maturity and its own special, distinctive character.

 The difficulties of working in a region where the effects of an oceanic climate susceptible to wind an drain, but often tempered by warm indian summers with sunshine and gentle breezes.

 The ability to adapt the methods of extraction and vinification and production techniques during the ageing process according to the vintage.

 Great care and attention to detail is taken at all stages in the life cycle of the wine, in the vines as well as in the cellar, and we consider nature to be our main ally

The cellar allows a serious work of sorting harvest, isolation and fragmented extractions smooth pace suited to each and every vintage wine ...

All the winery is under control temperature that is to say that we can cool and warm each vessel independently. This allows us to a perfect sequence of alcoholic fermentation, malolactic and optimizes the conservation of wine.






We shall be very happy to welcome you to be discovered our vintage wines during the tasting.




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